so heres the deal…


We are covering the cost! But with this, we only have 20 spots available. Full weekend volunteers are a "all hands on deck" volunteer who doesn't mind jumping in whenever and wherever needed! If you are attending DNOW as a group leader or chaperone, we would love to have you as "extra hands" but you'll be needed to lead and mentor your students instead of volunteering and will still qualify for the regular spot cost ($99 or $135).

Included with your cost for full weekend is your housing for Friday and Saturday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday and a shirt! Plus all the awesome programming and activities throughout the weekend.

Volunteers joining us for specific times or tasks will be provided the respective meal with your volunteer time (IE volunteers serving in the morning will be provided breakfast, those at mid-day will be provided lunch, etc) and a shirt!

You are also more than welcome to arrive early or stay late and enjoy the sessions or beautiful Fort Caswell. Lunch and/or dinner on Friday is not included.  If you happen to arrive before dinner time, you'll be on your own for dinner. There are plenty of food options right down the

road from Fort Caswell, or Southport is about 25 minutes north.

Our  favorite is Provision Co in Southport!


At DNOW we run "wide open" for the entire weekend! Volunteers help with things like holding the doors open for students to enter, helping with meals, replacing trash bags, moving tables and chairs, and making sure students are where they need to be! We ask that volunteers have an all hands on deck attitude towards serving and be willing to be flexible and adaptable to whatever may come our way! Those serving for specific tasks or times, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.


Transportation to and from DNOW is your responsibility. We recommend inviting your friends to volunteer with you so you can carpool / make memories together! The address for Fort Caswell is 100 Caswell Beach Road. 


No, but does paid in memories count?



WHERE ARE YOU STAYING? The Conference Center - you will be sharing rooms, and will get your rooms number upon arrival!

HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO? 1. The DNOW schedule 2. GroupMe, all communication will be through this app so please download if you do not have it already!

FAQS? please reach out to Brooke Jenkins via email or phone (910)619-9850