Frequently Asked Questions

We love DNOW - when and how can we register?

Online registration opens on June 28th at 9AM! At registration, a non-refundable 50% deposit is due via credit card upon registration. 

Is there a minimum or maximum number of spots that I can register for?

No, there are no minimums or maximums! We want you to bring as many students as possible!! Event registration will close at 1,000 spots.

What is included in the "regular weekend" cost?

Regular weekend is $90 per spot and includes your stay in Fort Caswell on Saturday night, programming, t-shirt, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday. 

What is this "extended weekend option"?

Each year, we have a growing number of groups of students who arrive on Friday. It's awesome - students get to hang out, explore the forts and get a head start before everyone else. We wanted to make this option available and easy for ALL of our groups! We highly recommend opening up the experience for your students - they will not forget it! This is an opportunity you DON'T want to miss!

So, if we choose the extended weekend option, what is included in that cost?

Extended weekend is $125 per spot and includes your stay in Fort Caswell on Friday & Saturday night, programming, t-shirt, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday. 

What is the cancelation policy?

Upon registration, you are required to provide a 50% deposit. This is non-refundable and non-transferable. You may "drop spots" until August 15th, but will not receive the deposit back. You are responsible for the FULL AMOUNT of any spots dropped after August 15th. 

*Only under extreme circumstances will this policy be reviewed. In the event of such, each situation will be reviewed individually.

When do we get our shirts?

When you arrive at Fort Caswell, you'll proceed to Hatch auditorium where you will check in, receive your house keys and shirts. 

You provided me with small group material but I don't see any small group time on the schedule - when should I use that?

We provide the small group material to be an extension of the content you and your students will hear in the large group environment throughout the weekend. Feel free to use the material whenever you see fit with your group - many like to utilize it in the weeks following DNOW!


Your group is welcome to arrive any time on Friday. Housing will not be available till 3pm.

Time TBA - Friday Night Concert @ Hatch (usually around 9:30pm)


8:00am Saturday Arrival Check In

8:00am Breakfast for Extended Weekenders 

9:30am Leaders only Meet & Greet 

10:30am Session 1

12:15pm Lunch

1:30pm Session 2

2:30pm Free Time

5:00pm Block Party (Dinner)

7:00pm Session 3


8:00am Breakfast for all

10:00am All groups must be packed up and out of housing

10:00-10:30am Return house keys to Hatch Auditorium

10:30am Session 4

12:30pm DNOW Closes